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Six Reasons to Sponsor GBH

1. Increase your visibility before a large audience


Each month GBH serves:

Source: TV: Nielsen Local NSI Live + 7, Reach + Frequency Report Jan 2021 (WGBH, WGBX, WORLD), M–Su 3a–3a, P2+ | Radio: TAPSCAN Jan 2021 (WGBH FM + WCRB FM), P6+ | Streaming: Stream Guys/SG Reports, Jan–Mar 2021 Average | Digital: Google Analytics Jan–Mar 2021 Average ( + | Podcast: PRX Average Monthly Downloads Sep 2020–Mar 2021 (downloads); PRX Average Monthly Unique Listeners Sep 2020–Mar 2021 (listeners)| Print: Explore GBH Circulation Jun 2020–May 2021 (recipients); 89.7 WGBH/99.5 WCRB Member Survey: Fielded Feb 10–Feb 21, 2020 (impressions)

Listeners trust GBH and NPR more than commercial media
Watchers trust PBS more than commercial media

Source: Radio: 89.7 GBH / 99.5 WCRB Member Survey: Fielded Feb 10–Feb 21, 2020 | TV: Marketing & Research Resources, Inc (M&RR), Jan 2021

Compared to the average Boston adult 18+:

Source: TV: Scarborough Doublebase 2/19–2/21, A18+, M–Su 4a–2a | Radio: Scarborough Doublebase 2/19–2/21, A18+, M–F 6a–7p Cume | Digital: Scarborough Doublebase 2/19–2/21, A18+, visited in last 30 days | Explore: Scarborough Doublebase 2/19–2/21, A18+, contributed $35+ to public radio or TV in last 12 months

Connecting communities from the Cape to Greater Boston to the Berkshires.

GBH Radio and Television Coverage Map

Compared to commercial media, the GBH audience is more likely to respond to a sponsor's message.

Public radio listeners take action in response to something heard on NPR
PBS viewers prefer to buy from PBS sponsors

Source: Radio: 89.7 WGBH/99.5 WCRB Member Survey: Fielded Feb 10–Feb 21, 2020 | TV: KANTAR Media/SGPTV Viewer Attitudes & Behaviors Study, April 27–May 16, 2020.

With far fewer minutes than commercial broadcast, GBH
sponsor spots stand out.

Source: Radio: 89.7 WGBH Morning Edition, 6/2/20, 9a–10a; Media Monitors, WEEI-FM, 11/16/20, 10a-11a, local and national buys | TV: Frontline 5/20/20; Media Monitors, CBS/60 Minutes, 11/15/20, 7:35p-8:35p, local and national buys

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